How long does it take to rebuild my carburetor?
1-2 weeks depending on the season, it's best to inquire by phone or email

What is the cost of a rebuild?

The cost of each carburetor varies but we will gladly quote you if you fill out the quote form and e-mail us at or fax 905-438-0162
Is there a difference between an automotive carburetor and a marine carburetor?
There are many differences first of most marine carbs come with no provisions for vacuum such as power brakes, pcv, egr, etc. secondly marine carbs are jetted much richer for the harsh conditions they are designed for.
Would you have my carb in stock for exchange?
We have many carbs in stock for exchange or we can custom build a carb to your specs which you provide in our quote form.
What is the most common reason for a carburetor to fail?
The most common reason is dirty fuel, or for a vehicle that has been sitting for a long period of time a gas tank that has old fuel in it that has turned to sediment and caused flooding.
How do you set the carburetor?
All our carbs are set on a flow bench with fuel and air mixed to there proper specs and choke settings.