Standard Carburetor Rebuilding
All carbs Foreign or Domestic are dismantled and properly cleaned to bring back the original finish, throttle shaft bushings are installed and all warped surfaces are resurfaced to provide a perfect seal , All our carbs receive the highest quality parts available and in most cases upgrading of the original accelerator pump is provided to work with today’s fuels. Being a family owned business we take pride in providing you with a product that will give you many years of great service.

Carburetor Restoration
At Carburetor Rebuilders we can provide you with a Restoration service that is second to none, you can be confident that your carb will be brought back to its original show winning condition. Our restored carbs are given the same attention to detail as our rebuilds but along with this the carbs are brought back to their original appearance cosmetically. All pieces of the Carburetor are plated with the original finish.

Chromate the olive green finish applied to the main bodies such as Holleys and Rochesters
Yellow Zinc The gold finish on metal parts such as throttle shafts.
Clear Zinc The chrome like finish on links and screws
Black Zinc The finish on fuel inlets and screws also
Black Phosphate the finish on cast iron bases

Not only are we “CARB GUYS” but we are” CAR GUYS” also so we know what it takes to bring your Carburetor back to its original look as well as giving you many years of excellent service.

High Performance & Custom
At Carburetor Rebuilders we can build you a carburetor to satisfy all your high performance needs weather you are a Quarter mile racer, Circle track or even Offroading all our carbs come with the highest quality of parts available to maximize the quality of our build every time.

Weather you have a Holley, Carter, Edelbrock,Rochester,Weber, we can custom build your carb to suit your needs, we can tune your carb for that lumpy cam or add an electric choke, mill that air horn or change those boosters, what ever your needs are we can provide winning service every time.

Marine Specialists
We rebuild all types of Marine carbs such as Mercruiser, OMC, Volvo Penta, Crusader, Chriscraft, Mariner, Johnson/Evinrude, etc. All our Marine Carbs are given the same dedication to perfection as our automotive carbs and all original finishes are applied to the carbs for that original appearance. At Carburetor Rebuilders we are proud to be the number one choice for Marinas in the Ontario Region Let us help you weather it be a Rochester, Holley, Zenith, Marvel Schebler, we specialize in Antique Marines also.

Industrial Carburetors
We provide a rebuilding service for all types of equipment weather it be a small chainsaw or a large tractor , we rebuild Zenith, Marvel Schebler, Carter , Stromberg, If it’s a Carb we can rebuild it. All the original finishes are applied and viton needle and seats installed to give your carb many years of perfect service.

Antiques & Classics
We rebuild all your classic car carburetors from the 1900’s on. Our many years of experience in the business has given us a reputation as the premier rebuilder for your antique carb needs.